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There is a lot to do in the Punta Gorda area. Sometimes, it's fun to take a day trip and go exploring Punta Gorda and nearby locations in Southwest Florida. They're easy on the budget and not too far away, either. Once you're off the Information Superhighway, get out on the real highway or waterway!

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A Florida Christmas
...This is really a “Night Trip Page”. I’m always amazed when people think we don’t celebrate Christmas because the weather is warm. Near the end of November you will see people, sometimes a great party, decorating boats behind there homes. Then the fun begins!
The Lead BoatThere are cruise boats, if you're visiting, even flights from the airport viewing the spectacle from the air. Decorated boats cruise through the canals enjoying all the lights on the boats, homes and seawalls. A drive through the Isles gives a great view of the homes and canals so if you are here in December, be sure to come see at night.Sealife's Abound!

Lighted CanalThe “grand event” is the lighted boat parade which usually takes place early in December. Approximately 50 decorated boats come across the Harbor, cruise through the Isles and downtown Punta Gorda. Thousands of people come out to see the event.

On-Shore Decorations
A Whale of a Showing

Boat With All the Gifts of Christmas

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